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Nai Conservation

Nai Conservation is a group of young professionals from diverse backgrounds working on research and education projects to conserve tapir populations and their habitat in Costa Rica.

Utilizing the expertise of each of it’s members, Nai Conservation works on research and conservation programs to generate scientific information, empower local communities, educate, and create public awareness around the tapir to ensure its long term survival.

We are teamed up with other conservation projects inside Costa Rica Wildlife Foundation, a Costa Rican organization that aims to integrate local conservation initiatives and provide support for scientists to develop research, communication, and education.

About Us
Why Tapirs?


We hold scientific projects on population ecology, genetics, health and human dimensions.

Through our research, we aim to provide evidence to improve the conservation action and wildlife management.



With our conservation action, we aim to impact policy, and decision making to mitigate the threats that tapirs are facing and improve its conservation status.



Through our Salva-Dantas Program and Capacity Building Workshops we aim to involve local communities and encourage the conservation heroes of the future



We want to make tapirs famous, through our Communication Program we share our passion and engage people around the globe to our Tapir Movement.


La Bitácora

Check out our blog section: “La Bitácora”, to learn more about our work saving tapirs. You can end up experiencing a hike through the highlands of Talamanca Mountain Range or sharing with future conservation heroes in our Salva-Dantas program!

Support  Nai Conservation, so the forests of Costa Rica will always be home to the tapir. Together we can save humanity, one tapir at a time!

Nai Conservation

Our Partners

To succeed in our conservation, we are supported and work along wonderful individuals, companies, and organizations. Check them out!

Contact us

If you want to learn more about Nai Conservation and how to be part of tapir conservation, please contact us!

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