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Donate to NaiConservation, so the forests of Costa Rica will always be home to the tapir.

Together we can save humanity, one tapir at a time!

The Baird’s Tapir is a peculiar-looking mammal with an increasingly important superpower: the ability to fight climate change. As gardeners of the forest, they help with planting seeds and fertilization across Central and South America. But this vital species, the largest Neotropical mammal, is globally endangered. The population has decreased over 50% in the past 15 years – and with threats like habitat loss, poaching and traffic collisions, the situation is only getting worse for this mighty creature.
Thankfully, the tapirs are not fighting alone. Grassroots research and conservation group, Nai Conservation, is starting a movement across Costa Rica – The Tapir Movement. They’re getting people from all corners of the country – and all walks of life – involved to help save the species. With strong data, Nai has also been able to impact actual governmental policy working along government instances such as SINAC and MOPT, like installing tapir-crossing signs along the highway through the Talamanca Mountains (a well-known tapir habitat).
Starting on World Tapir Day 2018, Nai is taking its work a step further with a research project they’re raising funds for that will help them lobby to fight poaching. They will be conducting focus groups with several stakeholders and installing camera traps to assess the population status of tapirs and get a full sense of the situation – but they need your support to start. They need to raise $6,000 to launch this project.
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Join the Tapir Movement, together we are saving the World from Climate Change!

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